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Levi Kane: Human Movement Specialist
Self destructive and lost for a way in life, at age 20 Levi Kane came inches from death after colliding with another car on his motorcycle at 80mph, ultimately leaving him without the lower half of his left leg. After a long recovery and much soul searching, Levi found himself in the city of Chicago where he would eventually make the right connections to land himself into competitive Triathlon. After excelling in the sport of running, his doctors and friends offered him a pathway in triathlon to eventually compete at a world class level for Team USA all across the globe, placing 3rd in the Continental Championship and 1st place at Nationals. To this day, for his level of amputation (above knee) he's the only one in the world to ever run a sub 20:00 minute 5k. Levi received his education from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor's of Science in  Kinesiology (Human Movement Sciences). He was able to use his education to help him towards his athletic achievements and now he uses his education to help others reach their athletic/fitness goals as well!

Levi always says that it's more than a just a workout, it's a lesson. His mission is obviously for everyone to reach their maximum potential, but also, within every session is for his clients to always walk away with a true understanding of “why.”
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