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Emily has been an ETC trainer since 2011. She is available as a personal trainer, nutritionist and posing coach for Bikini or Figure competitions or general weight loss and health. 

She is a natural drug free athlete and believes in a lifestyle approach to training for a healthy sustainable life. 

Her programs are tailored to each individual's specific goals. She has ten years of experience competing and training.

She turned professional in the sport of Figure back in 2009. Since then she has worked with a wide range of clients from those seeking general weight loss to professional competitors. 

Her workout and nutrition programs have transformed clients of all ages and lifestyles.

B.A in Psychology from Northern Illinois University, graduated Magna Cum Laude
J.D., L.L.M. in Taxation from Chicago-Kent Law School

Certified by Expert Rating in Personal Training and Sports Nutrition
Certified NPC Judge